How To Write a Descriptive Essay- A Simple Guide For An A+ Student

Sep 12, 2021

How To Write a Descriptive Essay- A Simple Guide For An A+ Student

The first things that come to mind when we hear "descriptive essay" are qualities, characteristics, features, and other words that can be used to helps a person understand an element or an aspect under discussion. While this is not entirely wrong, it is a narrow way of perceiving descriptive essays and how they are applied in a real-class context.

In this article, we provide several examples, approaches, and hints that can help you ace your descriptive essays

A descriptive essay offers a detailed and vivid explanation of a given subject matter or topic. The topic ranges from describing an object or place to abstract things such as emotions. Descriptive essays sharpen your writing skills and self-expression abilities. As a narrative essay, a descriptive essay also takes a more creative aspect than most forms of academic writing.

Your professor will give you a descriptive essay to play with language creatively and originally to create a memorable image to the reader about the thing or situation you're describing. Descriptive essays are common assignments in high school composition classes.

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What is the Goal of A Descriptive Essay?

A descriptive essay gives your reader a more detailed insight into the topic you're writing about by fleshing it in figurative and concrete language. Always aim at creating an image of the object or the situation in your reader's mind. Descriptive essays strengthen your ability to recreate events or describe things.

Writing a Descriptive Essay

Would you like to write a mouth-watering descriptive essay that will keep the reader hooked from the beginning until the end? The trick is simple. Organize your essay, logically explain the details using sensory language, and pay attention to factual information rather than opinions. Follow these writing tips for an A+ descriptive essay.

  • Choose a specific topic – An excellent descriptive essay must be focused on a particular topic. Determine the essay's purpose before writing even its outline. Use the thesis statement to summarize your main ideas. A good thesis statement will point towards the information that will impress the reader rather than a personal perspective.
  • Compile Information – A meaningful descriptive essay should be detailed in nature. Feel free to include specific names of places or objects, physical characteristics, and regalia, dates of events, sensory and background information that can implant your description in the reader's mind. It's advisable to collect such details and arrange them into cards that can form the basis of your essay.
  • Outline – An outline forms a crucial aspect of any form of academic writing. The outline facilitates organization of your ideas when writing a descriptive essay. Arrange the main ideas into topic sentences for each paragraph when making your outline.  The outline will form a skeleton of your descriptive essay.
  • Write an Introduction – The introductory paragraph will make or break your essay. Remember you're introducing your topic to the reader. Use a catchy introductory sentence showing the highest levels of creativity. Give a brief background to the topic before ending your introduction with a thesis statement.
  • Write the body paragraphs – The introduction is followed by body paragraphs that give your topic's details. Typical descriptive essays have three body paragraphs. Follow your outline to expound on the topic sentences. The topic sentences anchor the reader’s expectations about the paragraph. Avoid giving haphazard descriptions that can overwhelm your readers and water the taste of your essay. Focus on specific points in each paragraph and ensure that the reader gets the picture.
  • Write a conclusion – The conclusion is your essay's button. Remember, some readers will read your introduction and conclusion before deciding whether to read the essay's body. Reiterate the essay's main ideas that you mentioned in the introduction and explain them in its body.  Refrain from introducing any new idea in the concluding paragraph. You can always add a new body paragraph if you have any new points.

Examples of descriptive Essay Topics

There are several topics you can choose to base your descriptive essays on if your professor gives you such freedom. These topics can range from descriptive, imaginative, conceptual, and fantasy, among others. Here are examples;

My memorable vacation

My dream career

My first trip to the moon

How I would like my future partner to look like

Lost in the jungle

My first meeting with a stranger

The biggest room in my house

My ideal description of a good-hearted person

My perfect date

Descriptive Essay Writing Tips

Descriptive essays are imaginative, giving you room to put your best creativity into the task. Always use figurative language, senses and choose the right words.

Check this example of one body paragraph of a descriptive essay.

Lost In The Jungle

It was now getting dark, and everything around us was assuming the shape of gothic monsters. We had lost everything in our struggle to swim across the rapidly moving river, where Jean almost drowned. The tall and gigantic trees closely packed, forming a thick canopy, denied us the opportunity to see the light long before the sunset. My water-resistant wristwatch kept updating us on time; otherwise, we would not have known that it was getting dark. The swaying of the tree branches produced funny sounds that seem to laugh at our helpless situations, and for a moment, if felt, they were telling us in unison, "You are losers!" Everything, including nature, turns against you when things go south! Our adventure had turned into a nightmare!

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