Choosing An Appropriate Title For Your Essay

Its Time to Set a Title for Your Essay

Essay writing is precise; the selection of your title summarizes the content of your idea. The few words you choose to include in your title can make or break your essay. It’s advisable to use the fewest possible words to sufficiently describe what you intend to achieve in the essay. How will you make your title eye-catching to the reader? It is easy.

Why Is a Good Title Important?

The title is the first and most-read part of your essay. Coiling a good title gives the reader a reason to take time and read your essay. University professors and college tutors pay attention to the titles when reading and grading student essays. Most grading rubrics emphasize good titles because of the following reasons;

  • A good title act as an attention grabber by compelling the reader to proceed into reading the entire work
  • Titles also set expectations for the research by predicting the content
  • A good title establishes the tone of the essay by creating a relevant atmosphere to the subject matter

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Tips For Choosing The Best Essay Title

An essay title differs from a research paper title because the focus of an essay is grabbing attention and impressing the readers. A research paper’s title, on the other hand, supports a specific claim or finding a solution to a current problem through investigation.

Every student needs to learn how to provide an appropriate title for an essay. Students can begin by brainstorming about the ideas that will constitute the essay's content. Always remember when brainstorming that your aim is getting, "Oh my, I want to read the whole of this essay" from your readers. These tips will help you when planning and structuring your essay title.

The purposes of the essay- What do you want to achieve from your essay? Is it an argumentative or expository essay? Understanding the purpose of the essay will enable you to coil a title that will acquaint the reader with a summary of your essay's purpose.

The context of the essay- The context of the essay plays a significant role when writing the title. You want your title to capture the vital aspects of the essay's context. Think about the scope of the essay and the arguments that you wish to present. 

The tone of the essay- The title should reflect the tone which you intend to use in your essay. Readers should identify your tone by reading the few words that make your title.  Choose a narrative tone that is in tandem with the tone that you'll use in the essay.

The Dos and Don’ts when Choosing Titling Your Essay

The first rule of thumb is to avoid too long titles containing superfluous words or unnecessary phrases. Instead, choose specific and few content words that provide a precise summary of your essay.

Avoid using phrases that won’t help the reader understand the purpose of your essay. Such phrases that you should avoid include ambiguous and complex words.

It is also worth noting that academic writing is a more deliberate endeavor than journalistic and other fancy forms of writing. Refrain from using humorous language when creating your title, as such words may water down the significance of your message.

Most students focus on making their titles catchy, and they often end up deviating to create unrealistic titles. Your professor will be infuriated if you give your essay a title that doesn't deliver.

A good essay title should have the following features;

  • Attractive and grabs readers’ attention 
  • Believable and one that does not stray from the truth
  • Easy to ready and free from all jargon
  • It should be written in active voice 
  • It should be short and accurate

Ideas for Best Essay Topics

  1. Add subtitles to every section of your essay
  2. The title should carry the essay’s primary theme
  3. Do not underline the title
  4. Capitalize the first letter of every word of the title except for pronouns, prepositions, conjunctions, and articles.
  5. Always review the final version of the title to check for grammatical errors and spelling errors, among other mistakes.
  6. Follow the Punctuation rules if you use a colon in your title.
  7. It's also important to note that your essay comes first before writing the title. Most students rush to the title before writing the essay. However, choosing a title after the essay allows you to decide what to include in making the title attractive. Choose a few keywords in your essay and use them to craft a relevant title.
  8. Writing a successful essay and the title are two different things. Remember, you may write a good essay that deserves trophies only to break it with your title. Readers want to get a summary of your essay from the title. Embrace the techniques of writing a good essay title and become an A+ student.

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