How To Write A Gun Control Essay

Sep 12, 2021

How To Write A Gun Control Essay

How to Write a Gun Control Essay

The gun control essay follows the structure and steps of an argumentative or expository essay because of the divided stances that individuals take on the topic. Gun control is among the most discussed topics and students often write essays based on the subject matter. Whatever side you support, your essay must comply with the structure of an argumentative essay.

What Is Gun Control?

The world has experienced a surge in mass shootings in recent years and the U.S is the most affected nation. A 2016 report published by The Guardian revealed that there are 265 million guns in the U.S compared to the nation's population of 242 million. The ownership and use of guns need strict regulation to ensure public safety. Pro-gun control campaigners argue that the ease of accessing firearms has led to an increase in mass shootings hence the need to amend gun laws. Ant-gun control crusaders, on the other hand, observe that the government's failure to protect citizens prompted individuals to procure guns for their own safety.

Learning institutions have increased education on guns to prevent tragedies emanating from gun ownership. One strategy that schools and universities are suing is assigning students to research and write essays on gun control. The objectives of the researchers are to acquaint learners with current gun laws and allow them to think critically on how the essence of changing the laws and taking divergent paths.

When writing a gun control essay, it is important to remember personal opinions are important but should be backed up by scientific and logical arguments. We can help you draft a gun control essay at a friendly price.

What Things Should You Consider When Writing A Gun Control Essay?

According to the current gun laws, any U.S citizen can own a firearm under specific restrictions and conditions depending on the governing local authority. The Second Amendment allowed individuals to own guns for personal security. However, the increase in mass shootings and careless use of guns has increased the push to change the current gun laws. Here are a few things to consider when writing a gun control essay;

  • The world was a different place when the gun laws were implemented but things have since changed
  • Laws have been modified to match the needs of the modern society
  • Other nations have stricter gun laws
  • Gun owners can’t protect themselves from the government

Examples of Gun Control Essay Titles

A catchy title is a crucial component of your essay as it informs your readers of your perspective compelling them to read the essay. The title can take the stand of a pro-gun control campaigner or anti-gun control. Examples include;


  • It’s time to revise the Second Amendment
  • Guns of death
  • Control use of guns, keep citizens safe
  • A violent society of guns
  • Protect the people, don’t give them guns
  • Stop mass shootings


  • Not every gun owner pulls the trigger at the slightest provocation
  • Guns don’t kill people, shooters do
  • Gun control will cost America more lives
  • Educate people how to use guns; don’t take guns away
  • The government cannot protect people
  • Against gun control: why guns matter

Divide your essay into three parts; the introduction, body, and conclusion.


Start your essay with the hook before giving background information about the research or article you’ll include in your essay. End your introduction with a thesis statement. Here is an example. Note the paragraph has been separated into parts to make it easier for you to understand.

Examples: Gun control is one of the most controversial ethical issues in the U.S., which has elicited endless debates as the public takes divergent stands on the issue (Hook).

The constitution of the United States permits citizens to own guns for personal security reasons. However, the U.S. records the highest gun-related deaths and killings than any other developed country in a signal year. Proponents of the gun control movement believe that issuing strict gun policies will reduce crimes and save more lives lost to guns each year. In his article "A Criminologist's Case Against Gun Control," Jacob Davidson's arguments reveal his cynicism about gun control policies as the means of curbing gun-related deaths in the United States (Background).

Instead, he argues that there is a need to focus on more practical ways of solving the problem instead of devising policies that cannot solve it. (Thesis statement)

Body Paragraphs

The body paragraphs depend on whether you write an argumentative or expository essay. Begin each body paragraph with a topic sentence. Support your arguments with evidence-backed arguments.

Example: The author begins his article by acknowledging that mass shootings have increased in the U.S., and the ease of owning guns contributes to them. (Topic sentence)

The report published by The Guardian revealed that there are 30, 000 gun deaths in the US annually, the highest across the globe (Davidson, 2019). (Evidence with in-text citation)

According to Davidson, this situation raises concerns about where the gun control policies should focus on to tame such deaths. He believes that focusing on policies without logical implementation will not solve guns in the U.S. David also compares the current gun-related deaths to the situation during the 90s and says that the number has significantly gone down (Supporting and linking to the thesis statement).


Present a summary of the essay's main ideas besides reiterating the thesis statement. Add a statement to challenge the reader about the topic or serve as a takeaway from your arguments. Ensure your conclusion is not only memorable but also thought-provoking.

Lastly, enter your work cited page or reference depending on the instructions. Also, it's important to proofread your work for grammatical or spelling errors.

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