How to Write a Scholarship Essay

Sep 12, 2021

How to Write a Scholarship Essay

There is no specific criterion for writing a winning scholarship essay. For instance, if you gathered vast scholarship essay entries that won a prize, it will be challenging to pick a specific thing that made you stand out as the best. Each essay will exhibit distinct aspects, features, and styles that the authors used, giving unique insights into their past, present, and even future aspirations.

The uniqueness of these essays is the most significant thing to remember as you embark on writing your essay. Personalize your essay by making it exclusive to you. Dig into your passion, and connect it with the subject matter to create a unique response synonymous only to you. Individuality attracts the judge by making your essay outstanding. The following guide will assist you in writing a scholarship essay that stands for greater chances of winning.


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1. Critically Read The Essay Statement To Identify Main Themes

Most scholarship essays come with a statement that you’re expected to respond to when writing the essay. An example of a scholarship essay statement will be;

“Why I have showcased responsible leadership and how my actions have positively impacted my community or workplace.”

The themes that you can identify from this statement include ‘community impact’ and ‘leadership.’

2. Understand What the Themes Mean

Your next job is to understand the inner meaning of the themes that you've identified. For example, you can acknowledge leadership from your context as the active actions you've undertaken in your workplace or community and how they changed the course of the situation. The judge wants to hear the change that you’ve made through your leadership and not just describing your leadership position and responsibilities. Support your concept of leadership using examples to convince the judge about your abilities. For example;

As an assistant programming manager at Zetech Software Limited, my position opened an opportunity to sharpen my augment understanding of leading programming teams. The position enabled me to positively transform my team, enhance productivity, and nurture my research and communication skills.

3. Maximize the Usage of the Scholarship Statement Keywords

Using the scholarship essay statement keywords throughout your writing will reveal to the judges that you're committed to answering the question. For instance, in the above statement, constantly refer to leadership, impacts on communities, and the workplace throughout your essay.

4. Write A Captivating Introduction

Remember, there are several applicants looking forward to winning the scholarship. The judge can sometimes receive overwhelming applications—every detail of your essay matters. Writing an engaging introduction will grab your reader's attention. Feel free to use a hook, such as a quote relevant to the scholarship's course. Display aptitude and immense knowledge in your course to convince the judges into seeing a reason for supporting it.

5. Understand the Evaluation Criteria

 Understanding the criteria of evaluating your scholarship essay is an essential element of your writing. Ensure that you've addressed all the issues, whether the question is specific or not. Say you were writing the leadership essay. You'll include the following aspects;

Here explore what you did when you held the position. Talk about the development and changes that your leadership brought into the community or workplace. Who benefited from your leadership?

Explain your initial inspirations when you first took up the position and how the experience made you feel. Ensure that you display passion and sincerity when exploring this element. Be honest about the feelings you derived from the working experience in the position.

Inspiring stories showing determination and perseverance in the face of adversities will make readers, especially your judges, see why you need support to propel you to success. Such stories showcase your leadership qualities and resilience to adapt to situations to make the best out of difficult moments. It's what the judges want to hear.

You’ll learn a lesson(s) from every experience. Challenges make someone stronger and wiser when handling similar future scenarios. They help you grow and advance more complex leadership techniques. Speaking about the lessons you learned from past experiences is an indication of growth and maturity. It shows your appreciation they leadership comes with responsibilities.

It’s worth noting that a scholarship is a future investment and not just an award. Tell the judges how your continued involvement in the given leadership position or activity will shape your future. Explain how the scholarship with contributing to your future quest to support humanity.

A scholarship essay tells the judge who you are and what you can do. It joins the dots of your relevant past, present, and future to determine whether you need support or not. Carefully select your language to convince the judge that you deserve it.


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